What's your favourite Disney song? Maybe it's that romance ballad that warms your heart, or that Broadway-esque number you like to stumble through at the top of your lungs after a dinner party has devolved, or the duet you and your friend think you’ve nailed at karaoke before realising nobody was paying attention.  Whatever the case, it's a very personal thing, so we're not positioning this list as definitive. It is, however, our top 25 Disney songs - from the company's animated efforts only - of all time.

Hercules’ Go the Distance has a Rocky-ness to it, a fist-pump-inspiring, dorkily endearing ‘up and at ‘em’ spirit. The song was later covered by Michael Bolton; Ricky Martin recorded the Spanish-language version.

It’s a surprise that a movie centered on Mickey Mouse’s anthropomorphic-dog pal would have so many great songs, but such is the magic of Disney. Its best is this great number sung by Michael Jackson sound-a-like Tevin Campbell, immortalized forever by Pauly Shore's "Max is on the tuuu uube!" interject.

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